Tuesday, March 26, 2019

New book by C.Lackberg! Tropical Photobook and new Freebies !

Hello ! 

Time flies so fast . I can't wait for April .I love Spring , Easter and ...........a new book by Camilla Lackberg is coming  !
It is called "The Golden Cage" I admire writers very much, what a wonderful gift they have! My father taught me to love books. For most of his life he was sick and was spending time at home. In that time there wasn't an Internet and on TV there wasn't as many interesting movies or programmes as now.So books were the whole world of my father . Each week I was borrowing for him new books. I wanted to be the part of his world so I was reading also and soon I fell in love with books too. My father died when I was fourteen.Now my house is full of books and do you know what make me happy ? I am really happy when I see how my two daughters are reading books.We are sharing the same magical world of books .


 Time for a new Photobook .
Tropical Photobook is great for photos from your holidays on beautiful , sunny islands.


New freebies at MyMemories  

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 Choose Happy Quick Page 2
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Kathryn Estry

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And here is freebie from me , free until 29 March, so take it now.

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