Thursday, April 18, 2019

Cat , Easter oat , retiring sale ,Lavender Photobook and Scrapbooking Freebie !

Hello !

Finally ! It was a sunny day ! What a beautiful day ! 

I have got a cat for two months. One day she came to my garden and my daughter took her into the house . In the beginning she was coming to the house only to eat and disappear for the whole day, later she started staying for the night. Now she spends nights and days at home and we are learning each other. I know a lot about dogs but nothing about cats. Imagine my surprise today , cat is sitting on the windowsill and eating my Easter oat. I didn't know that cats like oat - now I know ! 

Any advise about cats welcome !
I really would like to know what your cats like to eat .


Now time for new products in Retiring Sale category !
 Sale ends May 01!

 $2 Photobooks !

Easter Journal Photobook3


 Love Remains Photobook

$1 Retiring kit 

Love remains the same !

 and now freebie till May 1 !

Love Remains the same Borders


 and here is something new !

Lavender Photobook

Have a wonderful day !


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